My journey started in April 2018 when that little blue line took both me and my partner by surprise. We weren’t actively trying to fall pregnant but after three years together we didn’t feel like being careful was important anymore. Now we are due to welcome a little baby boy into the world come December and both of us are absolutely overjoyed.

With that being said, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed my pregnancy journey so far. I’ve had endless days of sickness, hospital trips and panic attacks. Team that with the inability to take time off work as a self employed business owner and you’ve got one exhausted Mum-to-be.

You hear stories of pregnancy and parenthood which makes even fairytales weep. And if thats what you’re hoping to get out of this motherhood blog then unfortunately you’re in the wrong place. On this site you’ll read very open accounts of pregnancy and I’ll overshare everything. I’ll be reviewing products and recommending techniques that saved me during each trimester, and hopefully helping any new or expecting Mum when she feels like she’s  alone.

So please, if you’re even the slightest bit interested, read on.

With Love, L.